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Trasfusional wristband


Designed to avoid transfusion errors by identifying transfusion sample-patient with a unique and unrepeatable coding
trasfusional wristband
 trasfusional identification wristbands


Mod. PLP-ST 260mm long / 27mm wide

Protective Film

The fabric no fabric film allows the patient’s perspiration and avoids chafing, guaranteeing the comfort of the wristband

Wristbands features

Hawadyc labelling system

Composition: 80 micron thermal polypropylene + fabric no fabric pad (FNF).


The fabric no fabric pad (FNF) avoids possible discomfort to the patient, either by rubbing or excess pressure on the closure of the wristband and allows the patient to perspire.

Resistant to tension and tearing in any direction, whether wet or dry.

Security clasp with die-cut adhesive to prevent reuse. Includes a controlled breaking point to prevent damage to the patient if the wristband is snagged.

Pre-printing in the factory of the wristband in various colours according to the hospital’s corporate image, with ultraviolet-drying inks that offer great resistance and inalterability.

Instant thermal printing of patient data on-demand, as well as the possibility to print barcodes.

Easy and quick attachment to the patient, only the paper has to be removed

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