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About us

Our company

The Hawadyc group was created in 1998 to solve the problems in the hospital and geriatric sectors in Spain.

In the hospital sector we are pioneers in patient identification by means of wristbands. Since 2005, the business division of El Corte Inglés has been distributing our wristbands exclusively in Spain.

In the field of geriatric care we are specialized in textile labelling (labelling of residents’ clothing and uniforms).

Due to our experience and knowledge, we are currently the main reference for identification in these sectors.

Subsidiaries of Hawadyc Group

Hetikal LTD UK

United Kingdom

established from 2011

Hetikal France


established from 2015

Hetikal Portugal


established from 2018

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Labelling systems

As specialists in identification systems, since 1998, we have provided answers to complex technical and management problems for the agile and simple identification required by our customers.

Hawadyc not only takes care of the complete identification and comfort of the patient. It also combines this with a simple management process for the hospital staff involved.

Our R&D department can provide solutions to any requirement.